Nightshade Studios | Management
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Dr Tim Guston

Founder/Chairman of the Board


Dr. Guston holds a Master of Arts in Management and a Ph.D. degree in Management from Bellevue University in Nebraska. He also has an Associate of Applied Science degree from the Community College of the Air Force and an Associate of Science in Business Administration degree from Brevard Community College in Florida.

Before founding Nightshade Productions, Dr. Guston served the People United Financial for 17 years, working his way from Operations Manager to become the 2nd CEO of People’s United Financial. He founded Nightshade Studios because of his intrigue with the luxury entertainment business, with the goal of creating a company to provide travelers with exceptional events and entertainment options around the world.

Mr Paul Stevenson

Senior Vice President

Mr Stevenson has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from University of Texas at Austin, followed by an MBA from Columbia University. He has worked in Vestar Capital Partners for 14 years, a private equity investments firm, prior to being promoted to VP. He joined Nightshade Studios as Executive Director in year 2011 and was promoted to Senior Vice President within 5 years in the company. Mr Stevenson has been noted for his strong clientele and excellent management experience. Under his influences and leadership with Nightshade Studios, the company’s yearly revenue has seen a steady growth since his involvement.

Mr Joel Nixon


Mr. Nixon graduated from Colby College and Boston College School of Law. Mr. Nixon also attended the management courses of the chief executive officer of Harvard Business School and the financial management course of Stanford University AEA executive agency and the University of California, Berkeley.


Mr. Nixon invests in new and existing technology businesses. His areas of particular interest include all aspects of information technology products and services, consumer Internet/mobile, e-commerce, and online travel. Mr. Nixon’s select investments include AirBnB, Blade Networks, Cadre, Chloe + Isabel, Couchsurfing, Evolve Technology, Handybook, Sabre, Trover, Veloce, Viajanet, Warby Parker and Wildcard. Since Mr. Nixon has been invited to become CEO of the company through Nightshade Studios, his main focus is on serving high profile clients and narrowing partner management relationships, and spearhead Nightshade Studios importnat projects and developments.

Mr Frank Crowell


Mr. Crowell holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics from Long Island University.  He is a member of the Georgia Institute of Technology advisory board and a Long Island University Trustee.


Mr. Crowell has comprehensive experience raising debt and equity capital for both public and private enterprises, implementing short and long-term business planning and strategic concepts along with acquisitions and divestitures. Before joining Nightshade Studios, Mr. Crowell held the executive positions of Chief Financial Officer and Controller of several prominent tribal gaming enterprises in the United States.

Mr Summer Ren

Managing Director – Asia Pacific

Mr. Summer Ren graduated in MIT Sloan School of Business Master of Engineering Business Administration, he is also the alumni of the world’s elite Oxford EMBA. During his tenure as head of overseas operations of Lloyd’s Group, his performance attracted the appreciation of Australia and BHP Billiton, and therefore hired Mr. Ren as BHP Billiton’s Asia Pacific president, before joining Nightshade Studios as Asia Pacific Managing Director.


Mr. Ren’s excellent business management capabilities and excellent investment vision, have always helps his company and his clients to land great business opportunities, setting many amazing results.

Mr Jordan Sanders

Senior Operations Director

Mr. Sanders holds a Master’s of Business Administration Degree and a BA in Accounting from the University of Utah along with a B.S. in Accounting.


He is currently involved with several projects that will further expand Nightshade Studios to the Southeast Asian market, and he is working closely with the big players in the region. Mr. Sanders has been hugely successful in landing significant clients over the years, and he is more excited than ever for what the future holds.